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Mindboggling Thought – What’s in a Name?

Zed called today, to give me the news that she is getting married…it’s funny sometimes when people call you to tell you that they are getting married…

Zed: Hey!
Me: Hi…Wassup? long time no see!
Zed: yeah, I know! So, how’ve you been?
Me: Oh just been busy with work, there is so much to do nowadays!
Zed:Ok…Now I’ve called up to give you some exciting news!
Me: Yeah? What…are you getting married or something? (chuckles)
Zed: Yeah!I’m engaged!
Me: …….Wow!..That’s great! congratulations!

Now…this part….she’ll tell me the the name…what will I say…”umm…sounds nice! I think he’ll keep you happy” or..”hmm…sounds like a clown….was he here with his circus group?” or “what….what kind of a name is that? Is he from this planet?”


Sounds of the City (Mumbai)

Just when you are lying down in bed for your sound sleep…….sound sleep (chuckle)…..

Sounds of the city

Aaaa! Aaaaa!

Honk Honk!


“Abe Hat Teri Baain*****”

Dishum Dishum!



Harvey Dent – Two Face

I think my last post on Harvey-Dent was incomplete, and I needed to write more on Aaron Eckhart’s character as Harvey. Attorney at Law and believed to be the strongest member between, Batman, Gordon and himself, precisely the reason why Batman saves him instead of Rachel. Even thought Batman needed Rachel, Gotham needed Harvey.

“You can die a hero, or live long enought to see yourself become the villian” and thats what happened to Harvey, corrupted by the twisted Joker and led into a self destructing pattern, where Harvey didn’t just kill off few policemen, but also became the villian! If you look at the transformation into his character its just brilliant. I think another movie that i can remember where the trasnformation of the character has been shown very well is The Last Samurai. Though this is right from the top of my head…..

Few details were a bit inaccurate, James Gordon here is shown to have two children, where as in the comics, its just his daughter….but yeah some detail changes are allowed! Compairing him to Tommy Lee’s Two face, well…..Aaron has done a better job on this character..which is purely my opinion. I feel a lot of our views on thie new film are governed by how well the film’s been made. there has been a major change in the art of filmaking over these many years and this just shows us the difference! Christopher Nolan has been really amazing in making both of these movies, of course his other movies Momento and The Prestige do speak a lot more about him, but getting in to this superhero genre has really proved to the world, how good he is at his work!

Mindboggling Thought: Punishment in thin air!

Thin air! Well Iā€™m talking about airplanes, travelling by air. Imagine how airhostesses would be punished if they made a mistake on flight after months and months of intensive training. Think about it…. after the new comer ‘Priya’ spills coffee on one of the passengers….

“This is your Captain Kenny Goone speaking, we would request all the passengers to stay still and fasten their seatbelts, as our newcomer has been punished and will be spending the rest of the flight on the left wing of the plane! You are requested to stay calm till the point the door is opened and Priya is being helped onto the right wing of the plane!”

That was a bit too far…..but what if

“Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, welcome aboard, we are currently travelling at 36000 ft above sea level and the outside temperature is -40 degrees. Since the outside temperature is not fit for punishing our newcomer ‘Sam’, he will be cleaning the toilets for the rest of the flight, kindly refrain from using the lavatories unless suffering from lose motions or nausea!”

It can get worse…but lets not get into that shal we?

Harvey Dent for D.A.

I kinda forgot to mention Harvey Dent in my last post about The Dark Knight. Harvey Dent, Aaron Eckhart, the guy from that movie where the core of the earth stops spinning and animals keep dying and stuff…well…amazing performance by him! I think the best part about the whole thing was his make up, which was so damn natural compared to Tommy Lee’s in the original Batman movie.

If you didnt notice, Harvey Dent dosen’t die in the movie!!! interesting thought, even I didn’t figure that one out. The transformation of his character was so good that it just blows one away! I just hope Chris makes another one!

Why So Serious?

Interesting as it may seem, I’m writing something on The Dark Knight about a week after I saw it, which is quite a shame. But it so happens, I’ve been trying to read alot about Batman, to know more, to undestand each character in the story. The Joker, played by Heath Ledger, is a very powerful character and Heath has done justice to it. Knowing that Heath Ledger is no more just makes the character even bigger, and he is the talk of the town. The Joker has always been a character which required some dedicated understanding of the character, and, as rumours put it, it can mess things up a bit with your head, which is what, is believed to have happened to Heath.

One of my colleagues at work sent me a link from Slashfilm.com, which is a film blog. The post was about the The Dark Knight being the biggest monday gorsser. It also states some interesting audiences observations, which just make you feel, how stupid people can be! It talks about people who didnt know that The Dark Knight is a sequel to Batman Begins, there were more of these dumb and dumbers who hadn’t seen any of the films since ’89 and had come to watch TDK. I’m not a Batman Comic reader, but I still know about the movies being made!

The post also talks about ‘The Dead Guy’ factor, which seems so true. Nobody expected Heath Ledger to do justice to the role and even match Jack Nicholson’s Joker from the ’89 movie. The fact that Heath Ledger died of drug overdose at an age of 28, the amount of sympathy in everyone’s minds increased. His character was so raved about even before the movie came out. There were rumours that Warner had even thought of changing their whole promotion campaign, and try to focus on the Joker more than anything else, which was later dropped, as it didnt seem ethical/moral/ in good taste! Believe it or not, Heath Ledger’s death acted as a major catalyst in the PR of this film, not that it doesnt deserve the success, it deserves even more, but its interesting how things can act as a leverage! If you haven’t seen the film, don’t kill yourself yet, as you can still catch it!

Btw, the blog post on slashfilm, read it, Here šŸ™‚

Is this vague?

Well the so-called-sort-of-introductory-blog-welcome-address is coming after two of my posts. Well, my blogging days started with Spark In The Head, a blog I started to just start writng, but I ended up only writing poetry! A problem arose when I got too many ideas for blogs and I wanted to separate all of it, categorize it. I started too many blogs, and since it was all free with likes of blogger and wordpress around, things just took a weird turn. I had too much on my plate, more than I could eat, more blogs than i could ever manage.

Spark In The Head

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…and now..this… Is This Vague?

The point is…sigh….